Wound healing

The stimulatory effects of HBOT on the healing of cutaneous wounds are well documented by numerous samples of wounds in humans and animals. Similarly, numerous photographic follow-ups, blood flow measurements, measurement of capillary density, reduction of pain reported by patients confirm the beneficial effect.

The same type of measurements at wounds caused by X-rays in the bladder, rectum, throat also confirms the positive effect for wounds located inside the body.

Advances in biology began by examining the effect of HBOT at the enzymatic and even genetic level. However, the mechanisms are so complicated that we do not yet understand them.

However, several clues tend to better explain this effect at the most basic level of our cells.

For example, we know that HBOT stimulates many growth factors but that this stimulation does not correspond to the clinical improvements that we observe, why?

It has been shown that HBOT can lengthen chromosomes that have shortened with age. Is this the ultimate mechanism of action?

The search continues….

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