Preconditioning is a concept whereby the body is exposed to a form of stress or stimulation that will give it some protection. A classic example is formed by vaccines. You can protect yourself from dangerous viruses by injecting weak viruses.

Meaning for HBOT.

Patients who have suffered from a mild myocardial infarction are partially protected from the consequences of an infarction which could occur the following day ( reperfusion ischemia ). HBOT can paradoxically protect the body from the negative effects of oxygen during a reperfusion ischemia situation. HBOT significantly increases the number of oxygen free radicals and nitrogen in a few minutes. These radicals are harmful to the body and act as a kind of vaccine by inducing effective defense reactions (even phagocytosis, inflammation, neovascularization) which remain active in the body for approximately 24 hours .

Where do these protection mechanisms take place?

Experimental animal studies show a protective effect in the following organs: liver ( 1 ), heart ( 3, 4, ), brain ( 6 ), muscles ( 9 ), spinal cord ( 10 11 ), kidneys ( 12 13 ), lungs ( 13 ), skin ( 14 ).