Chronic stroke

Frequency and characteristics of chronic stroke


The incidence of ischemic stroke by age doubles almost every 10 years: at age 45, approximately 17 out of 100,000 are affected per year, among those > 85 years old 1,034 out of 100,000 per year.

Characteristics of stroke

Paralysis of the mouth, an arm or a leg, or even one side of the body, loss of sensitivity in the face, an arm or a leg, speech problems with difficulty articulating , find the words or understand them.

Spontaneous evolution

Around a third of patients with a stroke have a moderate disability that allows them to return home, possibly with outside help. A third of patients recover completely.


These are the research results of HBOT in stroke


Practical use of HBOT

HBOT is not indicated for the acute stages but can be prescribed from 3 months after the stroke. The exact dose is not known but we know that 40 to 60 consecutive sessions are required.

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