Cartilage production

There are numerous studies in animal experiments that prove that HBO accelerates and strengthens the structure of cartilage. This effect has been shown in clinically important situations:

  1. Complete cartilage defects in the stress zone and outside the stress zone in rabbits heal faster and more completely with HBO. The death rate of cartilage cells is significantly reduced because the cheap heat shock protein is increasingly produced.

  2. Cartilage Cell Transplant: HBO is just as effective as growth factors in transplanting cartilage cells.

  3. Cartilage-containing ear grafts ( 1 ), trachea grafts ( 5 ) heal much better with HBO. A first human study confirms that HBO can save windpipe transplants at risk.

  4. Cultured damaged human disc cells grow much better with HBOT  because HBOT suppresses the death of these cells.

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