Bactericidal effect

Direct effect on bacteria

A partial oxygen pressure of only 75 mm Hg is sufficient to kill anaerobic bacteria . HBOT stops the production of alpha toxin in clostridium bacteria , responsible among other things for gangrene gas. Experimental studies show that HBOT is extremely useful in the fight against bacteria of the E. coli type, bacteroides fragilis, enterococci or fecal bacteria .

Indirect effect on bacteria

The body defends itself against bacteria by swallowing them (phagocytosis). After having swallowed them, however, they must be destroyed. This process requires free oxygen radicals and depends on the intra cellular oxygen concentration . We can thus predict that surgical wounds that lack oxygen are at risk of infection . Several experimental in vitro and animal studies show that bactericide in bone marrow and in the skin can be improved by providing additional oxygen. The effect is comparable to that of certain antibiotics if HBOT is applied immediately.

Improved effect of certain antibiotics

Various animal studies have shown that HBOT enhances the effect of tobramycin nitrofurantoin and trimethoprim as well as inipenem in the fight against pseudomonas . HBOT also enhances the effect of antibiotics applied locally in the bone .

Effect of HBOT on Biofilm

Effect of HBOT on Biofilm

Ciprofloxacin is an antibiotic that needs oxygen to be effective against pseudomonas. In chronic infected wounds these bacteria secrete a protective layer (biofilm) which prevents the penetration of oxygen. HBO penetrates this biofilm in depth and allows ciprofloxacin to kill the bacteria. HBOT, as an anti-biofilm adjuvant treatment of chronic wounds, counteracts biofilm pharmacokinetic micro-compartmentalization through increased availability tobramycin and increased bacterial killing.

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