Acoustic trauma


Those at risk are the soldiers , the music students , the musicians and the workers .

Characteristics of acoustic trauma

We will not talk here about explosion trauma that can cause a tympanic tear. The patient feels a sensation of blocked ear, reduced hearing, perceives tinnitus. The hearing loss is confirmed to the ENT doctor by the audiogram.

Spontaneous evolution

If local microcirculation recovers within 48 hours, approximately 80% of patients can recover . If this is not the case the hearing loss and the tinnitus settle permanently. hearing remains stable as long as the subject is no longer exposed to noise .

Clinical studies on HBOT

HBO has been found to be significantly more effective than simple oxygen in treating trauma military acoustics. Similar results were found in a study done in Switzerland. Doctors compared two treatment groups based on infusions, cortisone and ginkco but with or without HBO. The result was 2 times better with 5 sessions of HBO provided you start HBO in three days following the accident auditory . A similar study by the German army made in 1985 and comparing the administration of perfusions and circulation-improving drugs with and without HBO also demonstrated a superiority of HBOT. Hearing and tinnitus were improved and relapse rates were reduced thanks to HBOT.

Practical use of HBO

HBOT should be started as soon as possible after the occurrence of the acoustic accident. Apply 5-6 sessions before proceeding to the first hearing assessment. HBOT appears to provide further improvement when other treatments have failed. In late cases, at least 15 sessions are required. The high cost of HBOT means that unfortunately many patients hesitate and come too late.

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