Hyperbaric Center Basel

The Hyperbaric Center Basel treats patients with the help of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

We work with the European guidelines for COVID 19

We are with our Ukrainian colleagues.

Medical team

m. p. M.Gelsomino

Family medicine SUHMS Diving and hyperbaric medicine

Dr. J.Schmutz

FMH Family medicine SUHMS Diving and hyperbaric medicine

Dr. N.Schmutz

FMH Anesthesia FMH Intensive medicine Emergency medicine SUHMS Diving and hyperbaric medicine

Research Results Hyperbaric Medicine

Chronic diabetic wound

There are 500,000 diabetics in Switzerland and one has to reckon with a diabetic wound requiring intensive treatment in about one in ten diabetics. In Switzerland, the costs of treating diabetic feet have been estimated at one billion francs.

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Chronic osteomylitis

Relatively infrequent. Most often as a result of an accident so localized in the legs, especially following a type III fracture . In diabetics, the infection is usually found in the foot, as a complication of an unrecognized sore since diabetics often have a loss of sensitivity (neuropathy).

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Osteomyelitis of the mandible and head

Rare, most often related to tooth extraction. 3-4 cases per 100,000 inhabitants (1) . Currently increasing (about 1 case for 1,000-1,500 women (2) since introduction of osteoporosis biphosphonates in women.

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Decompression sickness

Rare, 1 severe case for 5,000-10,000 dives. In German Switzerland, 8-12 cases are treated each year. With the increase in tourism in hot seas, the number of diving accidents is continuously increasing in renowned diving sites (1).

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Radiation injuries

5 years after radiation therapy, 23-27% of patients irradiated with breast cancer are at risk of skin lesion 2. Degree or higher. The risk of chronic pain is 8.4-11.9%. However, 90% of the patients were still satisfied with the results of the radiation therapy.

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